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  • Azar 2023-11-23

    TECH DRIVEN UPCYCLING CHALLENGE As team 3, we decided to organize a technology rush. Our stakeholders are local businesses, universities and university students, schools and local organizations and international companies. We will organize a community donation of old electronics (computers, phones, home appliances...) and then we will involve local businesses and tech students to do a repair rush challenge and make as many of them work. Previously, we will have contacted schools and local organizations in need of working tech, and they will have applied to the programme to receive the fixed electronics as donations. Local businesses can make themselves known, so we can support local economy. Universities that participate get to keep some of the tech as a donation and help us get national support Organizations and schools get to have more resources and reap the material benefits of the project International organizations get to show they are environmentally conscious, and by getting sponsorship deals we could have more resources to fix the tech We will do a 24-48 "tech rush" in which the people and technicians that participate have to fix or improve as many electronics as possible, and the results will be donated to the participant universities/libraries/schools/organizations

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