Clothing from ocean waste

Clothing from ocean waste Spanish firm FitPlanetCo crafts ocean-sourced sustainable sportswear from discarded plastic bottles, reducing fossil fuel use

Upcycled vegan fashion

Upcycled vegan fashion Clotsy, a Spanish sustainable vegan brand, upcycles materials and integrates diverse sustainability elements in their fashion

Eco-powered factory

Eco-powered factory Balevski & Kirov is a Bulgarian company that uses green technologies to make carbon-neutral organic rosehip products

Meeting an upcycling warrior

Meeting an upcycling warrior Vesna Mitrovič is a designer and an upcycling warrior. She talks about upcycling, renovation, minimalism, and the Degrowth movement

Eco innovative students

Eco innovative students Kykkos B High School promotes upcycling in practice and in school lessons. The students also lead their own green business projects

Sustainable art

Sustainable art To influence environmental protection, Tryavna Art School combines tradition and modern trends while teaching land art and using waste materials

Upcycling revolution in design

Upcycling revolution in design Architect and designer Sara Badovinac discusses European youth upcycling projects, circular economy, and upcycling constraints

Youth upcycling oasis

Youth upcycling oasis Slovenian Youth Centre BOB invites young people to co-create the programme, supports the development of project ideas and runs workshops on upcycling

NGO in environmental action

NGO in environmental action Hungarian NGO, Zöldellő Sárrét Assoc., promotes eco-awareness and reducing the carbon imprint via radio, social media, workshops and magazines

Greening the municipality

Greening the municipality Aglantzia, Cyprus municipality pioneers environmental sustainability, including the "Pay as You Throw" programme

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