ScaleUPcycling Modules

Welcome to the training contents of the #ScaleUpcycling project!

We are pleased to invite you to enrol to the contents about what you can do with an Upcycling Lifestyle.

Here you can register on the platform and access to the modules that have been developed during the project to learn more about what upcycling is and how to implement it in your daily lives, raising awareness about the importance of small acts that can lead to big changes.

In these training modules you will be able to:

• Know more about the concept, methodology and practices;

• Go deep in the development of good environmental practices;

• Become an environmental ambassador in your community;

Empower yourself to disseminate activities.

  • Module 1

    Module 1

    Competences on reusing and Upcycling mind set. Review of GPs

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  • Module 2

    Module 2

    Community Building Development and review of innovative practices

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  • Module 3

    Module 3

    How the whole ecosystem works and the role of young people

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  • Module 4

    Module 4

    Active youth in the ecosystem and their empowerment as [...]

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  • Module 5

    Module 5

    Practical Ideas for Upcycling Community Practices in everyday life

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  • Module 6

    Module 6

    How to get the community involved. Marketing competences and [...]

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  • Module 7

    Module 7

    How to organise & disseminate a Community Awareness Event

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