Initiatives tool

ScaleUPcycling initiatives – a tool enabling you to generate your own scenarios of reuse and upcycling events following certain steps

In this section we are inviting and encouraging you to create your own activity!

Your activity might be either a scenario of reuse or even upcycling community event you wish to recommend and promote.

This space aims to promote and share the activities you would like to carry out in your community and share it with the international community as well as other events that are linked to the topic of our project to let people know more about Upcycling.

Bear in mind that this space will be used for our kind community and all the ideas are always welcome as long as they are linked/in line with to the project goals. With this tool, we are giving you some tips to create your own event!

Please remember the 5 C’s of event design which are:






In addition, it is worth to note the main event planning steps!

  1. Determine your event goals and objectives.
  2. Assemble your team.
  3. Establish an event budget.
  4. Choose date & venue.
  5. Select the speakers.
  6. Think of event Marketing & Advertising.
  7. Execute your event.

When you break down your event plan into manageable steps, the whole process seems a lot less daunting!

We propose you to create the activity / seminar / competition or any other event related to Upcycling considering the following template that will help you develop a nice event without forgetting anything!

What do you need to know to create an amazing event?

Here are some tips:

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Shared initiatives

Here you can find initiatives from other entities that might be interesting for you! Pay attention to the news!